Posted by: ad65shorty | November 19, 2009

Native American Counting Game

I have no background on this one…


5 circles cut out of cardboard: Paint a half moon on one side of 4 of the circles; paint a star on the other circle. (I found my pictures on the internet and glued them onto the cardboard.) (Okay, so I totally did mine backwards!!! What can I say?! I was really excited about the stars! Oh, well! Hopefully you still get the idea!)

a basket or cup


Put the circles in the basket or cup. Each player takes turns shaking the basket and counting the pieces that end face up. Each moon is worth 1 point; the star is worth 2. The player with the most points, wins! We played a couple of times in a row and added the points up (great practice in simple addition).

Because mine is backwards, I assigned the stars 1 point and the moon 2. So, in this picture, we would have 5 points.

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