Posted by: ad65shorty | November 12, 2009

Pilgrims: Mayflower Activity


The Mayflower was a small boat. It was very crowded with 102 Pilgrims and 26 crewmen. The captain did not want the Pilgrims on the top deck so they stayed on the middle deck, where there were no windows. When it rained, water leaked down on them. It was dark and cold during most of the trip.  They left England in September and did not see land until November.


Today, we’re going to do an activity to help your children understand how crowded it was on the Mayflower. Make a 4-x4-foot square on the floor (if you have a smaller group, your square will need to be smaller). Add children one at a time, until no more can fit. Discuss what they feel.


Kate Waters has some amazing books that depict what life would have been like during the Pilgrim time (I love the pictures). These books are some of my all-time favorites! Visit Stories for Snuggling to learn more about them. Be sure to discuss the differences between a day in the life of a Pilgrim and the day in the life of your child. It would also be fun to have your child choose a favorite part of a day at Plymouth.



  1. Very Nice article!
    Thankful again this Thanksgiving.
    Do you know your connection to the Mayflower Pilgrims?

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