Posted by: ad65shorty | November 8, 2009

Stories for Snuggling: Seven Blind Mice

Seven Blind Mice (Reading Railroad)

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

We found this at the library this week. I forgot how much I love this book. My kids read it multiple times a day! There are seven blind mice who come upon something at the pond. Each mouse takes a turn feeling what it is and reporting back to the others. The problem? They each only feel on portion of it: one thinks it’s a pillar; another thinks it’s a rope. Only until the last blind mouse explores the whole thing do they discover that they are all right! You’ll have to read the book to see what it is though! 🙂

This book is just plain fun with amazing pictures (note the Caldecott award: award for pictures). The storyline is simple so it’s great for toddlers. It’s a good book for reinforcing counting and colors. It also teaches the days of the week, as well as first, second, third, etc. And I love that you can also discuss perspective.


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