Posted by: ad65shorty | November 5, 2009

Nutrition: Food Sorting

Have your children sort play foods or magazine pictures into healthy and unhealthy* categories. You can make this really fun by making a goat out of poster board and telling the children that this goat (you can call him Greg) only likes healthy food! They can then put the food or pictures of the healthy food into his mouth and leave the others out. Lots of fun!

You could also sort the food into various groups based on the Food Guide Pyramid. Provide rings or hula hoops for sorting.

*Many young children begin to feel guilty about eating sweets after studying about nutrition. I prefer to teach them that sweets are okay in moderation. It seems to help them feel better and continue to make good choices.

Tune in tomorrow to hear an expert’s view on child nutrition and to get some more fun ideas!

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