Posted by: ad65shorty | October 30, 2009


Another fun learning game that you can use any time of year! I love that it’s also very open-ended so you can apply whatever skill you are working on. For teachers, this is a great “centers” game.


1. Cut a bunch of pumpkins. Ghosts would also be really cute, or you could choose any other fun Halloween shape.

2. Put a letter, sight word, number, math fact, etc. on most of the pumpkins.

3. Write “Boo!” on the remaining pumpkins.


1. Lay the pumpkins out, upside-down.

2. The kids take turns drawing the pumpkin cards one at a time, reading whatever is on the card. If they get it correct, they keep the pumpkin and go again.

3. If they get the card wrong, the pumpkin goes back into the middle, and their turn ends.

4. If they draw a “Boo!” card, they shout, “BOO!” and their turn ends. (They LOVE getting “Boo!” cards)

5. Play until all the cards are gone.

**(If you’re doing this another time of year, choose a different shape, popsicle sticks in a can, etc. You could also choose a different word other than “BOO!” It’s fun to do action words, like “jump,” and have them do that action when the word is drawn.)



  1. Very cute, and so simple. My son will of course love the shouting “Boo” part – anything to be noisy!

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