Posted by: ad65shorty | October 28, 2009

Make your own pumpkin patch!

Have your children act out buying a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch. Set up a little booth with a Halloween tablecloth and a sign that says the name of the pumpkin patch and how much the pumpkins cost. It would be fun to provide a play cash register with money. Place your pumpkins (mini pumpkins are really good for this) around the booth. Then have one child sit behind the booth as the cashier. Have your other children go out into the patch and choose their pumpkin. Have them use the money to buy their pumpkins from the cashier. Then switch!

This is a really fun way to work on simple counting, adding and subtraction (by counting out the money and returning change). And if you have your children make the sign, you can also apply writing skills. Another idea is to add a clipboard for the cashier to record info, such as the buyer’s name or to make receipts. Sometimes it’s great to just have paper available, but not give any ideas on how to use it. It’s always fun to see what your children come up with! I love ideas that are fun for the kids but implement so much learning!

Getting set up

The sign, done with "fancy writing." It says: Pumpkin Patch.

I laid this clipboard out on the table, and he just went with it! He started to write down prices whenever I bought a pumpkin. And then, he wrote down the days that the store was closed so that I wouldn't come shopping. This teacher mom was so proud!!

I love when kids use their own ideas to expand the original thought! Here are two of my children’s:

My son wanted to add "vines" to the pumpkins. He used pipe cleaners.

My daughter decided to use a trick-or-treating pumpkin to carry the money and pumpkins in!

They had a blast and played for about an hour! It was good, quality time for all of us and loads of fun!


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