Posted by: ad65shorty | October 26, 2009

Halloween Silhouettes

I am BACK in full and ready to go!!! YEA!!!

Today, we made these Halloween silhouettes (can I tell you how hard that word is to spell?!):



Black paint

Sponges (make sure they are either new or soft)

Orange paper

Paint palettes or paper plate for holding paint

Scotch tape

Halloween cut-outs (I recommend doing these on a heavier paper like cardstock)





1. Make sure your kids are covered, as this is a messy project!

2. I always tape their papers down to the table with scotch tape so the papers don’t wiggle around as much.

3. Put some black paint on the palette and spread it around a bit with the sponge. You don’t want it too thick.

4. Put scotch tape on the backs of each Halloween cut-out. (Disclaimer: My cut-outs have been used for years and gone through many sets of hands. They are covered in paint and are bent and crispy. Yours should be clean and lay down flat. I finally threw them away after we were done today. I’ll have to make new ones for next year!)


1. Have your children place the cut-outs on their paper where ever they want. It doesn’t matter if they overlap (they actually look cooler if they do!).

2. Now here’s the tricky part (this is actually a two-step process and is easier if modeled by you first). Because you’re making silhouettes, they need to push the sponge AROUND the EDGES of the cut-out. As you can see from mine, many children do it in the middle, which is fine, but it’s most important that they go around the outside or you will have no silhouette! Also, they need to push the sponge up and down rather than rubbing it around (check out the model below). It gives that cool, spongee look.

3. Have them do this around each shape. Be sure they get any holes (like faces) in the middles. It also looks really cool if they sponge around the rest of the paper, as my son started to in this picture:

4. It also looks good if the silhouettes connect rather than being separate on the paper. Just a personal preference!

5. Now here’s where you have a choice. You can leave the cut-outs on the paper until the paint dries. OR you can SO CAREFULLY peel them off when your child is done painting. I always peel them off when the paint is wet because I worry about them sticking to the paper while drying. Plus, with many students in a classroom setting, they always had to share.

6. Here is a picture of my 2-year-old’s. I was very surprised that she could DO this craft! She did perfect pressing her sponge up and down, no rubbing. She did go in the middle of the cut-outs, but also got the outsides. Seriously, after watching me do one (the middle leaf), I didn’t touch her paper! Notice the two pumpkins. I love how neat they look when overlapped like that!

One last thing: You can also do this on black paper with orange paint:




  1. This one was so fun! And easy–my 3 year-old was able to do it all by herself and was so proud! Very nice Halloween craft!

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