Posted by: ad65shorty | October 23, 2009

Question from a Reader

Melissa asked me this earlier this week: “I’ve been meaning to ask you if you have any references to refer me to, for doing my own home pre-school for my son. It doesn’t need to be anything formal, I’m just curious as to where to start and what will match his age. He turned 2 in August.”

I emailed her a HUGE response, but I was wondering if any of you had any references or advice for her. Leave us a comment! Thanx!



  1. We enjoy – there is different levels starting with 3 months old that you can do with your child, but all free and easy things you can do at home. We use it as a guide in our co-op preschool. I also want to hear what ideas you sent her!

    • This looks like a great website and program! I like how it really lays everything out for you, if you need help in this area. This mom has definitely put a lot of time and thought into her program. I also like that she has book ideas listed to correspond with her weekly theme.

      Thanx for the link!

  2. Can you email the response you sent her? I am too looking for a preschool type thing at home. My LO is 2.5 and we’re looking at inviting some other children to participate as well.

  3. There are some great links on my sidebar. Check those out for different ideas, too:

    No Time for Flashcards

    The link that says Preschool crafts

    The link that says Preschool ideas

    I also like Little Giraffes, which is a Kindergarten website:

    And Hubbard’s Cupboard:

    And Totally Tots:

    And Tot School:

  4. Hi I just found out about your blog and would love to have the same email you sent too my little girl just turned 2 and I’d love to start some sort of pre-k with her in the new year

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