Posted by: ad65shorty | October 7, 2009

Fall Nature Walk


Take your kids on a nature walk around your neighborhood, observing and discussing the signs of fall. It’s fun to bring a bucket to collect fall items in, such as acorns and leaves. Yesterday, I provided a “bingo board” for each child with things to look for. They decorated it, put it on a clipboard, and took the clipboard and a crayon with us on our walk. Every time they found a sign of fall from their board, they marked it. Our goal was to find all 9 things.


Note: You can make your own bingo board by finding clipart on the internet.


  1. Hey Angee,
    That is pretty crazy about your cousin. It’s a small world. My cousin, Gina Coleman sent me a link to your blog & I’ve loved it. We are actually making the yarn apples today. Thanks for the fun blog. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime.

    • Hannah,

      Gina and her husband are two of my dearest friends!!! Weird that we know each other’s cousins!! It really is a small world!!

      Thanx for stopping by!

      Angee 🙂

  2. You have such great ideas! I really enjoy reading about them. Do you think you could upload some of your worksheets like this wonderful bingo board?

    • I will look into uploading some of my stuff. You could make a board like this by using clipart found on the internet. It won’t be identical, but it would then cater to your area. For example, we don’t have acorns and squirrels in my neighborhood so those were harder to find (we found those in the mountains and Grandma’s neighborhood). 🙂

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