Posted by: ad65shorty | October 5, 2009

Stories for Snuggling: 10 Apples Up On Top

I posted this on the Blissfully Domestic website, but it has never shown up, so I’m posting the activity here instead.

Ten Apples Up on Top! (Bright & Early Board Books(TM))

10 Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss


The lion, dog, and tiger are having a contest to see who can put more apples on top of their heads. Once they all get ten, they get chased by some bears and birds. Pretty soon the whole town is after them! But just ahead is a slow truck full of apples. CRASH!

This story has great rhyming and easy sight words for beginning readers. Plus, it reinforces counting as the apples are added a couple at a time. This is a favorite in our home.


completed by 2-year-old

completed by 2-year-old

1. Cut or print off some small apple patterns. Write (or have your children write) the numbers 1 to 10 on the apples. On a big piece of paper near the bottom, have your children draw a picture of themselves. Then, have them glue the apples up on top of their heads in numerical order.

(my paper was too short)

(my paper was too short)

To reinforce writing, you could also have them write ________ (name) has 10 apples up on top.

2. If you’re doing this in a classroom, this makes a fun class book. Make a boys book and a girls book. Assign each child a number 1 through 10 (or however many you have in your class). They do the activity above, except with their number (Kelsey has one apple up on top; Brittany has two apples up on top; etc). Put the pages in order and bind.

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