Posted by: ad65shorty | October 2, 2009

LDS General Conference Ideas for Children

Twice a year, my church has a general conference, which is a broadcast for every member of my church. We believe in living prophets, and this is an opportunity to sit at their feet and hear what God would have us learn to become better people. We have this conference coming up this weekend. As I have a big LDS audience, I thought I would include this letter I received from my Stake President (leader of my local organization) yesterday. It includes a list of ideas for keeping our children participating in Conference. Enjoy!

Dear all, has some wonderful information on prepartion for and participating in General Conference.  We would highly encourage all to take a look at this as we prepare for another great experience.Given the challenging times in which we live, we need all the help we can get.

Love to all…

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Helping your Children Love General Conference

The Friend magazine of the Church has created a General Conference Notebook to help children listen and understand conference this weekend.  You can download it here from a pdf file.

The booklet suggests that during the conference, each time a new talk begins, that the child find the speaker’s picture and then write down something they learn from the talk, or draw a picture of what the speaker talks about.  The booklet also tells the child, “Pay attention to feelings and thoughts you have.  The Holy Ghost can teach you and help you know the messages are true.”

A wonderful, video clip shows photos of the prophet and apostles accompanied by the primary song called “When I Hear a Prophet’s Voice.”

The has the following games for children to play along with many others.  Print these out in advance so your children can be ready for General Conference.

The Friend page also features many activities, some of which can be printed out and others played online including matching games where children can match pictures of the apostles and prophets, so they can learn who they are seeing during conference.

I share new ideas every year. Check them out here.

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