Posted by: ad65shorty | September 29, 2009

Easy Crockpot Applesauce

As you know by now, I LOVE cooking with my kids. This is an easy, safe, and really fun activity to do. And even little ones (like my 2-year-old) can do this! This is also a great activity to do in the classroom.

1. Peel and chop up apples. I love this:

independent 2-year-old

independent 2-year-old

Besides the fact that my kids can help, it also peels, cores, and slices your apples. It is SO EASY!! I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

2. Put your apples into your crockpot:


3. Add cinnamon and sugar to taste. Add some water to help with juiciness:


4. Cook on low for a couple of hours.

5. Eat! I like to mash it up a bit so it’s more like applesauce. It’s good warm or cool, and very yummy with ice cream on top!

Post-Edit: Amy from Super Healthy Kids was thinking the same today. Check out her easy applesauce made in a microwave. Yummy!



  1. I better put a link to this today! I posted about applesauce too!

  2. […] For applesauce in a crockpot, head over to Dresses and Messes today!! […]

  3. Nice, amazing mind reading to both you and Amy. Great cross over. I love it. And wonderful tips to both!

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