Posted by: ad65shorty | September 25, 2009

Family Houses

This is a great activity to focus on fine-motor skills. Your children will be tracing, cutting, gluing, and placing. Fabulous!

1. If desired, provide an outline similar to this one on thick paper (like cardstock):


2. Using a crayon, have your child trace around the outline. Make sure they get all the windows, too. Younger children may need help with this. It’s a learned skill. I like children to use a crayon instead of a pen or pencil because it makes a thicker line, which is easier for cutting.

3. Have your child cut out the outline (they don’t need to cut out the windows) as best they can.

4. Help your child look through a magazine or on the internet for pictures of items that are in their house. Cut out their findings. Once again, younger children may need help with this since there are no lines to follow (another learned skill).


5. Using a gluestick, have your child glue the pictures on the back of the house.

6. Decorate the front of the house to look like your house. It would be fun to use construction paper or stickers and add details, such as flowers to your house!


*My pictures were completed by a 2-year-old.

**This also makes a great outline for a haunted house for Halloween!


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