Posted by: ad65shorty | September 18, 2009

Stories for Snuggling: I Think I Can

School this week has been a lot of fun! My 5-year-old begs for it; and my 2-year-old seems to be enjoying it. It’s been really good for me to have some one-on-one time to work with my littlest and see exactly what she does know! She’s got more in there than I thought! 🙂

We didn’t get to this activity this week, but I hope to fit it in somewhere next week. We’re going to read this book:

The Little Engine That Could mini

And then, do a writing project. I have a train shape cutout that says _____ (name) can _______________ (something they can do). Then they’re going to draw a picture of what they can do. When I did this with my class, we made it into a class book. It was fun for the kids to read what the others could do! We may make ours into a mini book for each child; I may have each kid just do one to display in our kitchen. We’ll have to see what I (and they) are in the mood for. I’ll let you know, and post pictures later!

PS    I LOVE this version of the book! It’s an older, vintage looking story, but the storyline remains the same: “I think I can. I think I can.” “I knew I could. I knew I could.” Powerful.


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  2. I’ve always loved this version, too. It’s the one I had when I was little. I’d forgotten about it. I think that Pk and I have to read this today. Thanks for the idea!

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