Posted by: ad65shorty | September 17, 2009

Name Chant

Kids love their own names so build their self-esteem by chanting and cheering your child’s name:

Give me an “M,” (they echo, “M”)

Give me an “A,” (“A”)

Give me an “R,” (“R”)

Give me a “K,” (“K”)

What does that spell?! (they yell, “MARK!”)


It’s also helpful to write the letters on a paper or whiteboard as you chant them to help your children learn to recognize the letters in their name.

Another fun activity to supplement this is to write your child’s name on a sentence strip or other paper and cut each letter apart. Mix it up, and have them put their name back together again! If they are just beginning this name recognition process, you might want to have their name written on a piece of paper that they can look at or put the letters on top of.


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