Posted by: ad65shorty | September 4, 2009

Pancake Party part 5

To wrap up this party theme, I will share two more game ideas. Then, I will be taking a week’s vacation. I’ll see you back on Monday, September 14th!!

Musical Blankets:

Similar to Musical Chairs. Have each child bring a blanket to the party and help them lay their blankets out on the floor in a circle. Put some music on and have them walk around the blankets while the music plays. Stop the music and have each child find a blanket to snuggle into; it may or may not be their own. For younger children, DO NOT take a blanket out! Repeat until they’re ready to move on!

Toss the Toy:

Put a pillow or blanket in the middle of the floor. On each child’s turn, have them take 5 steps back from the pillow and try to toss their animal friend onto the pillow. You could give prizes for getting it onto the pillow, or have a participation prize, or just play for the fun of it!

For the full party, go here.



  1. I really love the musical blanket idea! Totally gets rid of the kids being able to hurt each other with the chairs, or falling off the chairs. Awesome, thanks for the idea!

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