Posted by: ad65shorty | August 31, 2009

Pancake Party part 1

We’ve had birthdays on the mind, as you can see. This week, I will be sharing one more birthday party theme. We did this one for a 4-year-old. We invited the kids over around 9:30 on a Saturday for a pancake brunch. They each brought a blanket and stuffed animal friend and came in their PJs. We served breakfast foods and played bedroom-themed games. It was something different, and we all had a blast!

As I mentioned last week, I always like to do a craft with the kids at parties. This one served as their take-home “goody bag.” We decorated pillow cases! I bought these sponges and cheap-o pillow cases at Walmart.  I assigned each shape a different color of fabric paint and put it on a paper plate. I had one plate for each child. They had a couple of seconds to stamp with that one, then we rotated plates so that by the end, every child had used every stamp. I told them NO HANDS (I know my picture shows hands; it was a pillowcase from another time).

Here are a couple of more hints:

1. Be sure you put a piece of cardboard in between the layers of the pillowcase so it doesn’t bleed through. I cut up old diaper boxes.

2. I wrote the kids names and date on the pillowcases beforehand. If someone didn’t show, I figured we’d drop it off afterwards as an “I missed you” gift. If you have extra help, you could do this that day after the party begins.

3. We painted on the floor (covered with an old sheet). The kids could spread out, and I found it was easier for them to stamp on the floor than on the table.

4. Because the kids are using fabric paint, be sure to cover the kids so they don’t get paint on their PJs. I have a box full of my husband’s old t-shirts that work really well.

5. Set high expectations so that paint doesn’t end up all over your house. I told the kids that they could only paint with the sponges. What is it about kids and paint that they think their hands HAVE to go in it?! 🙂  Also, because my husband was home, we were able to wash afterwards in two locations.

The kids (and parents) loved this!! They were so excited to sleep on their pillowcases the next day!

For the full party, go here.


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