Posted by: ad65shorty | August 28, 2009

Pirate Party part 5

Two more simple, but fun games to finish up our Pirate Birthday Party week!



My son really wanted a pinata. Easy enough. We filled it with candy and took turns hitting it with a bat. To avoid the mad rush to get the candy, I had each child collect 10 pieces (also educational!). When they got their 10, they put them in their treasure boxes and were done. Simple and then everyone has the same.

Pin the X on the Treasure Map:


(Sorry about the glare!)

This is simply a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I drew a treasure map, they each got an X, and then tried to place it blindfolded in the right spot on the map. I drew the X on the actual map, but for older children, you could leave the X off completely and have them try to place it in the space instead.

For full party details, go here.



  1. How cool is that pinata…Love the pirate theme!

  2. Sounds like such a fun birthday party. I love all of your ideas.

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