Posted by: ad65shorty | August 27, 2009

Pirate Party part 4

Ooh… Educational fun (Thursday’s theme) was really HARD!! So, I thought I’d share what we’re planning on doing for thank you’s. Writing and gratitude are both educational, right?! Now, we don’t have these finished yet, but if they turn out cute, I’ll try to remember to post a picture!

I feel it’s so important for my kids to send thank you’s for the gifts they receive. They are, after all, GIFTS! My kids have actually done this since they were born (just adapted to their levels). In fact, my son came downstairs the next day, and showed me a thank you he had written on scrap paper in his little preschool writing for one of his friends. No prompting from me whatsoever. Made this mom so proud!! 🙂

This year, I thought ahead and took a picture of my son with each one of his friends at his party (after he opened their gift). It served as a reminder of what that friend gave, but also it’s going to serve as a portion of our thank you cards. I’m going to print the pictures I took and have my son glue each one on the front of a pirate looking paper. Then, I’m going to help him write (or I’ll write and he’ll sign–whatever he’s in the mood for) his thank you to each kid. I think they’ll be cute!

For full party details, go here.


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