Posted by: ad65shorty | August 24, 2009

Question? ABC Chart?

I have a question for you today, my dear readers!

Gina asked in regards to this post, if I knew of a place where she could purchase ABC charts/strips for cheap. She also needs a place that will ship out of the country. I referred her to one of our local teaching stores that has an online catalog ($4.00 a strip), but I’m wondering if there’s any other place you know of where she could look. It looks like these may be hard to find!

Thanx for your help!



  1. You know, I’ve seen them at dollar stores once in awhile during back to school time. Dollar stores vary from year to year, but it would never hurt to check there.

  2. Melissa,

    Thanx for your response. Great idea! I’ll have to head over this week and see if I have any luck!


  3. I found this today:

    I thought it was a great idea for a cheap, homemade ABC chart! And flashcards are so easy to find!

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