Posted by: ad65shorty | August 24, 2009

Pirate Party part 1

I’m a little behind on posting this week. So sorry! We have been really busy with my son’s birthday this week, and we have family coming into town this weekend. And I’m leaving on a trip (with no kids and husband) in less than 2 weeks.

Anyway, as I mentioned, my son’s birthday is this week, and he wanted a pirate-themed birthday party with his friends. So this week, because we have literally been breathing pirates for over a month, I will be sharing some of the things we did. And as an FYI, I do like to keep my kids’ parties simple and cheap, but loads of fun!

Because this is Monday’s post, this should be an arts and crafts idea, but my idea is kind of boring. So, I will share what we did and then share something else fun that isn’t a craft! Hope you don’t mind! 

I do like to do a craft with the kids at parties. It makes a great take-home idea and it takes up a bit of time. This year, we made pirate hats. It was my starter as the kids came in, and then any kid who wasn’t dressed up had something “pirate-y” that he could wear. I have no pictures of that.

On to more fun! I also want to share one of the games we played. It’s called “Sink the Enemy.” What I did was roll up newspaper into balls and put them in 2 laundry bins. My kids were a great help with this!! During the party, I split the kids into two teams–one next to each laundry bin. When I blew a whistle, they got to throw their “cannonballs” at the other team. When I blew it again, they stopped. Now, what you’re supposed to do is count how many cannonballs are on each side and whoever has more on their side is sunk. My boys ended up with all of them in the middle, so I just decided who was sunk. The boys on the sunk ship had to walk the plank (a sturdy board placed a couple of inches above the ground on bricks). Then the game began again! I wanted to play again so everyone had a chance to walk the plank. They loved it and we played it more times than I could count!! I was flying solo this day (my husband was working) so one of the mom’s stayed to help with crowd control, and she jazzed it up near the end by being a crocodile who snapped at the kids! So fun!


throwing cannonballs at the other team

walking the plank

walking the plank

For full party details, go here.

Here’s another fabulous pirate party link at Ideas for the Party Human. Leave her a comment and tell her I sent you!


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