Posted by: ad65shorty | August 13, 2009

Name Bags

 I so wish I had a picture of this, but here is a link to one, if you’re interested. There are a couple of other name activities on this page (and this website is a great resource for other literacy/math ideas! one of my favorites!) so you’ll have to scroll down a little ways to find it (it’s the 4th activity).

To make a name bag, paste a picture of your child on a piece of colored paper. Then write your child’s name below the picture. Be sure to use a capital at the beginning followed by lowercase for the rest of the name. Laminate for more durability, if you want. Write your child’s name on another piece of paper and cut between each letter. Put it all in a large Ziplock bag.

To play, your child matches the cut up letters to the letters on the paper to spell their name. It’s also fun to do other people’s names, like Mom or Dad.

Hint: When I did mine, I made the name under the picture the same size as the cut up letters. That way, the letters matched perfectly, which was very helpful to my beginning students who didn’t recognize their names very well; they could just place the matching letters on top.

For you teachers, this a great ABC/Name Center activity!



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