Posted by: ad65shorty | August 4, 2009

Homemade Popsicles

Popsicles are a staple summer treat! My kids love to eat homemade ones best! You can buy fancy popsicle molds . Or, you can do as we do, and just use Dixie cups. These are so simple and even possible for kids to help with.


1. Choose your child’s favorite juice flavor and make it up according to package directions.

2. Pour into molds or cups. Be sure to leave a little room for freezer expansion. Carefully put in freezer.

3. About 30 minutes to one hour later, check and see if they are partially frozen (they need to be partially frozen, not all the way). Usually the tops freeze first, which is perfect. Add your popsicle stick. You can find these in bulk in the craft section. Leave in freezer. **Hint: I set a timer for 1/2 hour so that I don’t forget!


4. After a couple of hours, your popsicles will be ready to eat!


  1. That’s so fun! And so funny because that was my other idea I was going to share. 🙂 My mom’s recipe uses kool-aid and a jello packet instead of juice though, not quite as good for the kids, but still super yummy!

  2. Amy,

    Actually, the popsicles in my picture are kool-aid and jello. I just didn’t share that!!! 🙂 My mom used to make grape and apple juice popsicles. One of my fun childhood memories!

  3. I LOVE POPSICLES!!! Awesome idea, and perfect for the hot weather. We got an idea from some show… I can’t remember which one, anyway, put plastic wrap over the cup, then stab the stick through, that way your stick doesn’t slide to the side. I always forget to check them, but I like that idea. The plastic wrap works better for mini popsicles in ice trays with toothpicks. I’m inspired, now I need to make some! Thanks!

  4. Great idea, Amy! Thanx for sharing.

    And you just made me remember–I used to make my own baby food, and you freeze it in ice trays. Well, my son loved to eat the frozen cubes so I would stick a toothpick in. He thought he was eating a popsicle; instead it was simple pureed, frozen fruit! haha 🙂

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