Posted by: ad65shorty | August 3, 2009

Stringing Necklaces

With school starting in just a couple of weeks, I thought it might be fun to do one more week of summer activities! We have been having a blast this summer and ideas just keep coming! So, here’s to the last lazy days of this summer.

proud of his creation!

proud of his creation!

When your kids tire of running through the sprinklers, pull out a craft table (or blanket) and let them rest for a bit while being creative. Supply a bowl of pony beads, Fruit Loops, or Cheerios and yarn; and have them make necklaces. It is so relaxing and lots of fun! I bring this activity along to family reunions, and the kids always have a blast!

ready to begin

ready to begin

Here are some hints I learned through my multiple attempts at helping kids string things:

1. I tie one of the items they are stringing to the bottom instead of a knot. It stays a lot better, is bigger, and doesn’t come undone!

2. Yarn has a tendency to unravel as the kids get going, so I wrap the other end tightly in masking tape. Less frustration!

Fruit loop and masking tape for easy stringing

Fruit loop and masking tape for easy stringing


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