Posted by: ad65shorty | July 27, 2009

Stories for Snuggling: Rainbow Fish

This week, we will be focusing on fish activities. I am so excited to share a couple of activities with you!

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister


The Rainbow fish is the most beautiful fish in the ocean, but he is also very selfish. As a result, he doesn’t have a lot of friends. One day, he receives some good advice about friendship. He decides to take the advice, and learns a very valuable, life-changing lesson.

If you haven’t read this book, you must check it out from the library. The pictures are amazing; the Rainbow Fish’s scales are actually glittery! The storyline is unforgettable and helps children learn about selflessness and friendship.



1. Because the illustrations are done in watercolor, I felt it was only appropriate that our rainbow fish were also watercolored. I let the children select one color to paint (so we don’t end up with yuck). Have them paint the whole sheet of paper in that color. This is a good time to tape your child’s paper down so that it doesn’t slide all over.

2. Let the picture dry, then draw or trace a simple fish shape onto the paper. I like to use a fat marker if my children are doing the cutting; it makes it easier for them to follow the lines. Cut out.

3. Cut one small scale like the ones in the story out of tin foil. Help your child glue the shiny fin onto their rainbow fish (it has a tendency to fold). Be sure to discuss the significance behind the story.



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