Posted by: ad65shorty | July 20, 2009

Jack Be Nimble

This week I will be focusing on Nursery Rhymes. I will be sharing one a day with some corresponding activities. I feel very strongly about the importance of children learning these–not only are they fun, but they provide so many language and reading skills. For benefits of Nursery Rhymes, see my post here.

Jack Be Nimble

Jack be nimble.

Jack be quick.

Jack jump over the candlestick.

This is one of the most simple nursery rhymes so it’s a good one to begin with. Provide a candlestick or something that your child could pretend was a candlestick. Have your children recite the nursery rhyme over and over as they jump over the candlestick. Oh, and be sure to explain what “nimble” means.

In preschool, I used this nursery rhyme for a name recognition activity. We substituted the children’s names in place of Jack. I had the rhyme written on the board and placed a card with each child’s name where ever it says, “Jack.” The kids had to read the name on the card before reciting to see whose turn it was to jump over the candlestick.

I also put this in their poetry journals. The rhyme was written at the bottom of the paper with their name in place of Jack (again). I drew a candlestick in the middle of the paper. The kids had to circle their name each time it appeared, and then drew a picture of themselves jumping over the candlestick.


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