Posted by: ad65shorty | July 9, 2009

Dinosaur Lengths

This is an activity to help your children experience the length of each dinosaur. Measure each dinosaur length with pre-cut string or yarn and then lay out in your backyard. Your children will be amazed by how big these creatures really were! It’s fun to compare and contrast a couple and discuss.

Here are some common dinosaurs:

T-Rex = 20 feet

Triceratops = 10 feet

Stegosaurus = 9 feet

Deinonychus = 6 feet

Brontosaurus = 70 feet

Also, here is a fabulous website all about dinosaurs. You have to register, for some reason, but it’s free. It’s a great site for Pre-K through 3rd grade! There are a couple of other units you can access, too. Enjoy!

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