Posted by: ad65shorty | July 8, 2009

Be a Paleontologist!

What could be more fun than letting your children dig for dinosaur bones in their own backyard?!


Disclaimer on the picture: This is not a picture of the described activity, but it still should give you the idea! This is my son at our local dinosaur museum digging for dinosaur bones.


Put some sand in a small container, such as a tupperware bin or sand table. Put different types of noodles in the sand. (Hint: Be sure the sand is old and DRY. Otherwise, the noodles soak up the moisture, and you’ll be left with mush!) Find some digging tools, such as magnifying glasses, toothbrushes, paint brushes, tweezers, etc.


Find a picture book from the library on paleontologists, discussing what they do and how they dig for dinosaur bones. Then, tell your children they are going to be paleontogists today. Show them the sand with dinosaur “bones” and the digging tools. Demonstrate how to carefully brush through the sand for bones so that they don’t damage their findings. Then let your children have at it! They can dig, brush, observe through the magnifying glass, and collect their findings using tweezers. It’s also fun to have them glue their finding on cardstock labeled “Paleontologist (name)’s Dinosaur Findings.” I also like to provide science goggles and aprons for them to wear so they feel like real paleontologists.

Seriously, this is such a fun hands-on project for home or a fun sensory table center activity for school! And they learn so much about paleontology.


  1. Check out this idea:

    How fun would it be to bury the straws instead and then provide a dinosaur outline like Amy did for them to glue their findings on to?! LOVE it!

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