Posted by: ad65shorty | July 6, 2009

Dinosaurs in a Crystal Garden (part 1)

This week I will be sharing some fun dinosaur activities. Because both of my children are sick though, I haven’t been able to take pictures of them doing the activities. I will try to find some pictures from the internet until I can take pictures of them. Sorry, once again!

Today, I will be sharing the first of a two-day project. Today, your children will make the dinosaur; tomorrow, they will make the dinosaur’s home.

Make a batch of play clay. You can omit the food coloring, if you want, and have your children paint it later. Have your children create their own version of a dinosaur. It’s fun to provide extra items, such as beads, beans, cloves, toothpicks, etc. for adding dimension to their dinosaurs. Let the dinosaur dry for 24-48 hours. Then, if you didn’t color the clay, let your child paint their creation. You can use poster paint or even water colors. So fun!

Picture from Norwood School by Kindergarteners:

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