Posted by: ad65shorty | June 17, 2009

Parachute Fun

What child doesn’t love a parachute?! Some of my favorite memories from elementary school are playing with the parachute in gym class. This is a great activity for the summer (we also pull ours out in the middle of the winter when we’re getting stir-crazy); it’s fun to invite friends (and their moms) over for some fun!! And this is an activity that is great for multi-age groups.

You can purchase parachutes at any teacher supply store, but I’ve noticed that even Target has been carrying them lately. They run about $25, depending on the size. Mine is smaller, but perfect for our needs. And, if a parachate is too expensive, a sheet works well, too.

Here is a link with many different games:  You can pick and choose according to how many children are involved!!



  1. I remember those parachute days too! Good to know where I can find one if we get the itch to play… we’ll be coming over.

  2. Amy–

    Please do! My kids would LOVE it!! You can only do so much with one adult and two little kids! haha

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