Posted by: ad65shorty | June 9, 2009

Father’s Day Idea: Apron for Grilling

This week, I will be sharing a bunch of different ideas your children could make for Father’s Day.

Have your children decorate an apron for Dad to use while grilling! As you can probably tell from many of my Mother’s Day posts, I love handprints. Kids grow so fast, and I always want to remember how small they were. This is a great way to document this. This particular apron was made when my son was 2. He’s already so much bigger at 4.

Anyway, these are so simple. Go to any craft store and buy an apron. I let my son pick out the color. In hindsight, I wish we would’ve done cream instead of the dark green, but what can you do?! I then helped him place his handprints in various colors around it. I also wrote “#1 Dad” at the top. Our dads and grandpas wear these whenever they’re helping in the kitchen or grilling (as you can see from our picture). I’ve seen people put one handprint of every grandchild for grandpas and then label with their names. So cute! You could also write something like, “Hands down. You’re the best Dad around.” Everything is completely washable if you use fabric paint so these will last for years. Adorable!


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