Posted by: ad65shorty | June 4, 2009


Today, I’m going to share what we do in our house–and that’s it. I want to trigger some thoughts so that you can find what will work for you in regards to chores.

Chores serve two purposes in our house:

1. To learn the value of work.

2. To learn that everyone contributes in a family.

My children have helped around the house since before they could talk. Even an older baby can help put toys away in a basket. I think it’s important to start them with small things when they’re young and want to help. Then, it becomes a part of their daily lives and they don’t think twice about it.


Here are my 2-year-old’s (all done with help):

Make bed every morning

Clean up toys before bed


Here are my 4-year-old’s:

Make bed every morning

Practice violin

Set table at dinner

Clean up toys before bed

Vacuum stairs once a week. He uses the hand-vac and LOVES it!! This one came to be because was interested in doing it.

I will add more to their lists and make changes as they grow older. These work really well for us.

I think it’s also important that there is an incentive. Kids need something more than just “feeling good” at first. We use money in our house, but stickers or a special day with Mom are other ideas. We chose money because we incorporate our religion’s beliefs into this and felt it was a good time to teach some of these concepts. So, my son receives $1 each week. He puts 10 cents for tithing (for Church), 10 cents for savings, and he gets to keep the rest to spend. If he doesn’t complete his chores, no money. He loves to spend it and it gives him such satisfaction. And as of late, he’s beginning to get the concept of “saving up” for a bigger toy.

Here is an awesome website with age-appropriate responsibilities. They give ideas from 9 months to 15 years (I don’t know much about the church, but the lists are good):

So, now the big question: What do you do in your house?


Post-Edit: Every Monday night, we do a family night with a “lesson” on an important value or skill, a fun activity, and a treat. This past week, I did a lesson on responsibilities and chores. I adapted a lesson I found here:

I loved the train idea so I made an engine for our dad and colored it his favorite color. I made enough train cars for each child in my family and colored them their favorite colors. And then I made a caboose for me and colored it my favorite color. I attached the train cars with yarn. I drew a track on a big piece of construction paper, and I cut small pictures of each member of our family.

We did the train portion of the lesson as mentioned above, but when we got to each train part, that person got to tape their picture on their portion of the train. It kept the kids engaged, which was great. At the end, I had one person fall off the track, and we talked about what happens to the whole train when one person doesn’t do their part (or what happens when one person doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities). We did that for each member of the family. The kids got it and loved it. We then had a re-discussion on chores in our house and re-evaluated where we each stood. Later I made new chore charts, which are hanging on our fridge, along with our train. It was a huge success!

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