Posted by: ad65shorty | June 1, 2009

Too many ideas!

I have a problem, a huge problem. My mind is so full of ideas that I just want to share everything all at once. For example, this weekend, I was playing with my kids and their friends outside. They started to get tired of the toys and such so I had this idea to switch it up a bit. With our sidewalk chalk, we drew roads down the driveway and sidewalks, complete the stop signs and arrows “to know which way to go.” My son went inside and cut up some paper “tickets” that he kept in his pocket to give to people whenever they weren’t obeying the rules. And then, we ran into a problem. See, we also had 2-year-olds playing with us, who didn’t understand the “rules of the road.” They kept leaving their bikes parked in the middle of the roads so the big kids couldn’t get by. Before I knew it, my son had drawn a parking lot in a corner, where all the bikes needed to be when not in use. This could have gone on all afternoon, I think, but our friends’ mom came to pick them up, and I got distracted talking to her.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we went on a family trip out of town, and as I was packing for my kids, all these great ideas kept popping into my head. Once again, fabulous ideas I wanted to share.

Last week, a friend came over and wanted to see our garden. She mentioned that she loved how involved my children were in the planting and suggested that I blog about it.

So, do you see my problem?! I already have weeks planned out with ideas to share, and then something fun happens, or a friend makes a suggestion, and I think, “Well, I want to share that.” I sometimes get overwhelmed by it all; there is just TOO MUCH!! I really like to do a theme a week because I have lots of ideas on specific themes, but then something random will come up that doesn’t fit anywhere, like the sidewalk chalk roads (although, I thought about putting into a “summer week”). And sometimes, I have an idea, plan it into my schedule, and then, I’ll see it on another’s blog before I get to it weeks later. So, what’s a woman to do?!

As a result of this, this week is going to a little different than I’ve done in the past. This week, I will be giving hints for parents; things you can do to promote more creativity and help in your children, AND keep your own sanity! And next week, we’ll get on to more fun, creative ideas to do with your children.

Here’s how the week will look:

Monday–Organizing an art station in your home to allow creativity any time of day.

Tuesday–Hints for cooking with your children and allowing them to help during dinner prep.

Wednesday–The benefits of gardening with your children.

Thursday–Chores and work around the house.

Friday–Traveling with kids.

I am by no means an expert. I’m just going to share what I’ve done or seen done by others through the years. If you have any ideas, please share!

And this, will hopefully relieve myself of some of those “great ideas” that are occupying my mind!



  1. You are too funny. I have that same problem sometimes. Except my great ideas somehow fly out of my head before I can write them down. I was using the pregnant brain as an excuse, now I am using the “I have a newborn and am sleep deprived” excuse. Can’t wait to see all your fun ideas this week!!!!!

  2. HAHA So glad I’m not the only one! It really does drive me crazy though!

    And you do have an excuse with your pregnancy, and now newborn. And research shows that pregnant women really do lose brain cells with each child. So there you go!

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