Posted by: ad65shorty | May 20, 2009

Frog Tongue Fun!

This activity promises lots of fun and laughter, and is easy to make!! Let your children pretend to be frogs catching bugs with their tongues!

1.  Get some of those party blowers.  Unroll and attach some velcro at the very bottom (it needs to be on the outside of the blower).

unrolled with velcro at bottom

up-close view

2.  Make copies of some bugs, cut out, and put the opposite side of the velcro on each one.

bugs with velcro

3.  Put the bugs into the center of the floor and give each child a “frog tongue.” See how many bugs they can catch by blowing the blower at the bugs (it takes a bit of practice).

catching one!

**I like to discuss what they’re experiencing: that the frog’s tongue is sticky in order to catch the bugs, how hard it is to catch the bugs (and ours aren’t even flying), etc.

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