Posted by: ad65shorty | May 19, 2009

Painting Hint

I should have mentioned this earlier, but sometimes I don’t realize what I do until someone points it out to me; I’m a creature of habit. As I was painting with my kids today, I was brought back to a memory a couple of weeks ago where a mom friend mentioned how she “never would’ve thought of that.” I made a mental note then, and it all came back to me today, that it needed to be mentioned on this blog. So…

Whenever I paint with my kids, I always tape their papers down. Just a simple tape strip on top and on the bottom (or one on each side). I noticed through the years, that whenever kids painted, their pictures would slide all over, and they’d get frustrated because their paint didn’t go where they wanted. This simple technique holds the paper still as they paint (especially effective with toddlers and for fingerpainting with all ages). No more frustration!!


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