Posted by: ad65shorty | May 19, 2009

Frog Water Table Fun

This is such a fun activity!! I cut some lily pads in many different sizes out of those foam sheets (they float really well). I purchased some plastic play frogs. Then, I filled my sink (or bathtub or bin or water table) with water and let the kids play! This is also a great outdoor activity, if you’re hesitant about water play in your house.

There are many different educational activities you could also do besides just letting your children play. My set came with matching frogs so for younger children, you could have them place matching frogs on each lily pad (like in picture). I put numbers on mine, and my preschoolers had to count that many frogs to place on each lily pad (and put them in numerical order). You could also do some fun color recognition activities by calling out a color and having your child find a frog with that color to place on the lily pad. You could also have your child see how many frogs it takes to sink the lily pad, and is it the same for each pad?  Any other ideas?!

As a side note, we had these frogs out when my daughter was learning to talk. As a result, one of her first words was “frog!”

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