Posted by: ad65shorty | May 18, 2009

Stories for Snuggling: From Tadpole to Frog

I love teaching children about frogs (seriously, this was probably my most favorite unit in preschool)! Kids are fascinated by the life cycle of the frog–that something that looks like a fish turns into a frog. It’s an amazing concept to witness.

Today, discuss the life cycle of the frog. Here is an amazing book with concepts brought down to a simple level and amazing photographs so kids can see what the life cycle really looks like. You can probably find it at the library, or as always, you can click on the picture for a link to purchase it.

From Tadpole to Frog (Scholastic Science Readers, Level 1)

From Tadpole to Frog by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Read and discuss the book/life cycle of the frog. Then, do the following activity (the only example I have is my own, and I’m not a great artist…):

1.  Divide your paper into four sections. Fold so that your child can only see one section at a time.

2.  In the first area, have your child draw a home for the frog eggs. Be sure to explain what they look like–black dots in a circle of jelly.

3.  Then, fold so that only the 2nd section is showing. Have your child draw a home for their tadpole. They can either draw a tadpole, or you can provide a simple outline for them to color and paste in. (I got mine years ago, but I believe it came from Mailbox magazine.)

4.  Fold so that only the 3rd section is showing and have your child draw a home for their baby frog. Once again, they can draw it or you can provide a simple outline. Remember that the baby frog has a long tail and tiny legs.

5.  Fold your paper so that the last section is showing. Have your child draw a home for their adult frog–lily pads are nice here. Then, have your child place their adult frog in the home.

6.  Unfold the paper, and the whole life cycle will be showing!

Any other frog crafts that you’ve done?!

As I was searching for the book mentioned above, I came across this fun article on Scholastic. It’s about some real live frog news. Pretty cool!



  1. Hi, There is a new frog life cycle toy miniature which depicts 5 stages of the frogs developments from eggs, to tadpole, to tadpole with back legs, to tadpole with front and back legs to adult frog. I love your pictures. Check out the new Frog Life Cycle Toy Miniatures at

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