Posted by: ad65shorty | May 12, 2009

Playdough Insects


Have your children make bugs out of playdough.* This activity is a great way to solidify knowledge for kids about the correct parts of insects.

Insect characteristics:

1. They have 3 distinct body parts (I have my kids roll three balls, and then shape them as needed): the head, thorax, and abdomen.

2.  All insects have 6 legs; they are located on the thorax (or middle section). Be sure to explain that there are 3 on each side.

3.  They have 2 antennaes.

4.  Most have 4 wings–2 on each side. Once again, these are on the thorax.

I step my kids through each characteristic slowly, allowing them time to make and then press together. When everyone is done, we then do a quick “Insect Museum,” where we line up and parade around viewing everyone’s creations. Lots of fun, quick and easy, and everyone gets a chance to shine!

*I chose this as my kitchen activity today because I use homemade playdough and it’s definitely one you’d want to do in your kitchen. For a great playdough recipe, click here.



  1. Cute! I loooooove playdough, and I love making it! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Gabe will love this one. He loves playdough. I need to remember to teach the kids things more when we’re playing. I used to be good at it with Emma and now I’m just like, oh we’re playing and having fun, and I’m happy. But I’d love to incorporate more learning like this into everyday things. Thanks for your ideas.

    • Haha!! I am totally this way, too. There’s a reason my son is so smart. He was in preschool with me for 2 years. But now, whenever the kids are playing HAPPILY together, I quite often let it go and use the time to get something done. Sometimes I wonder if my little girl will be smart or not. This is one reason for this blog. It motivates me to do stuff with both of them that is fun and educational! Plus, it gives me a chance to spend good quality time with them.

      I will tell you though, that you are an amazing mom. Hopefully these ideas just supplement what you’re already doing!

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