Posted by: ad65shorty | May 11, 2009

Stories for Snuggling: Fancy Nancy

  Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor

Okay, have you SEEN these books?! I came across them a couple of weeks ago at a bookstore. I try to avoid bookstores as much as possible because THIS is what happens. I find a new love and then lust after it for weeks!! Well, I was out with my mom a week or so ago, and we saw these books again. I told her about them, just in passing. Well, my mom is fabulous about picking up on hints and stuff like this and purchased two for my kids. They are in love (as am I!). The main character, Nancy, reminds me so much of me and my “drama” days (okay, I’ve always been a Drama Queen, still am). My little girl is also one… We can totally relate.

Anyway, the book is about Nancy, who is a fancy girl, born into a dull family. She loves her frilly bedroom, her lace-trimmed socks, you get the idea. In this particular book, she tries to teach her family how to be fancy. They all get dolled-up for a night out on the town. Well, drama happens, but her family helps make things all better.

Here are some fun things about the book that I like:

1. The cover is covered in glitter!

2. The pictures show the drama that is going on in little Fancy Nancy’s life, as well as all of her accessories. No detail is forgotten!

3. She uses “fancy words for fancy,” such as posh and stupendous, thus introducing children to bigger vocabulary.

4. Kids can relate to the drama this little girl is going through, as well as the situations shared in the story. Plus, my son has also enjoyed these stories.

5. They also have an “I Can Read” series. Love it!

6. I think a fun spin-off for this would be to have a Fancy Nancy party for your kids, especially for a little girl’s birthday. What a great way to celebrate being a girl, but also to bring literacy to your party!!

Here is a website that coordinates with the books. Check it out:

And by the way, there are a whole bunch of these–we have the butterfly one and the dog one!



  1. Our library is having a Fancy Nancy party in a couple of weeks and I keep meaning to look at those books. My girl is only 17 months, so not quite into those kinds of books yet, but definitely something to keep in mind as she gets a little bigger!

  2. My little girl is the same–not quite 2, but she still loves looking at the pictures and pointing out the things she sees. And my 4-year-old son has really enjoyed them, even being a boy!! And heck! Who cares about the kids’ opinions anyway?! I LOVE ’em!! 🙂

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