Posted by: ad65shorty | May 7, 2009

Kid-Crafted ABC Chart

Because I taught preschool out of my home, I was able to create my own curriculum–something I found great joy in! In my classroom, we studied a letter every week throughout the school year. BUT I never went in ABC order. I think it helps kids really learn and master their letters quicker and better–now whether there is research behind that theory, I don’t know. This is from the Book of Ms. Angee. Anyway, I also tried to utilize as many learning styles as possible throughout our letter study time. Every Thursday, my students would do an art project to coordinate with each letter that they got to then take home and display on their wall (I made sure to tell the parents this at the beginning of the year). The kids looked forward to it each week. And actually, my son’s preschool teacher loved the idea so much that she also incorporated it into her curriculum (that’s why he has two of each letter; and don’t mind that the “n” is missing either!).

This idea is simple. Each week, sit down and do a craft that coordinates with each letter (for example, we put apple stickers on the letter “a;” beans on the letter “b;” you get the idea). So, you draw out your special letter on a paper, and let your child cover that letter in some sort of art form that starts with that letter (they may need some guidance at first). Start with the letters in your child’s name and then progress to other letters as they show interest. The letters in “mom” and “dad” are also fun to teach!! Then, let your children display their letters in their room. No need to buy an ABC chart!!

Glitter "g"

Did I explain this well enough?! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

One more thing. Please, please, please when teaching your children to recognize and then write their names, teach them with a capital at the beginning followed by lowercase. It is VERY hard for teachers to correct when they have learned all uppercase letters!!



  1. Hi Angee! Gabe and I are looking at your blog and your fun alphabet letters!!! He loved doing stuff like this too.
    Gabe is STILL wondering if your little dude uses glue sticks as chap stick. ha!
    well, we love all your ideas! they are great!
    see ya!

  2. Leslie–

    Thanx for the comment! And tell Gabe that NO my little guy doesn’t use glue for chapstick anymore, although the reminder makes me laugh!!

    Angee 🙂

  3. I started doing this activity with my grandpa. He has dementia, but he loves to do things with the letters of his name. They seem to be the only letters he really recognizes. Thanks for the idea! We love it.

  4. Wow! Really, Amy?! That is so neat. Thank you so much for sharing!

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