Posted by: ad65shorty | May 6, 2009


Easy, fun, and earth-friendly all at the same time!! Make binoculars out of TP rolls!!! My kids love to use these for all kinds of things, such as bird watching, bug observing, and even looking at things around the house. It would be fun to use these for educational purposes, too, such as having your child find the letter A using his binoculars. Or this could be fun while grocery shopping! Have your child be on the look-out for certain food items. The possibilities are endless for the mind of a child!


Empty toilet paper rolls (2 per child)

Elmer’s glue

Hole puncher

String (I like yarn), long enough to hang around your child’s neck

Markers or crayons for decorating


1.  Glue the TP rolls together like this:


2.  Punch holes on each side, near the top:


3.  Attach your string like this:


 4.  Let your child decorate (no picture of this).

5.  Go on a nature walk and discuss what you see!



  1. We have tons of these saved, and no matter how many different things we make with them, binoculars are always their favorite.

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