Posted by: ad65shorty | April 30, 2009

Mother’s Day Idea: Decorated Tile

This week, I will be sharing a bunch of different ideas your children could make for Mother’s Day. They are simple and don’t take a lot of time, but come from the heart-–the kind moms love! (Sorry I’ve done a lot with paint this week!)


This project is cheap, simple, and has multiple uses. Purchase ordinary tile at your local hardware store. These ran me about 5 cents a piece. Then, have your child use craft paint to make a design on them (even the scribbles done by my 2-year-old look cute). Once again, I like to use Q-tips for painting. Older children can draw their design on it with a pencil, and then paint over it. Be sure to seal it with your favorite sealer, and these should last a lifetime!! You can also add felt at each corner on the back in order to prevent scratching. And as always, be sure to date it on the back! There’s nothing worse than not knowing who made it and when.

Our grandmas use them for trivets (something to place their hot dishes on) and spoon rests on the stove. I had a parent once who was finishing a bathroom in their home, and they placed their daughter’s in the wall design! How special that little girl must have felt! These also work well as coasters (just be sure to put the felt on the back).

What are some Mother’s Day ideas you have seen or done yourselves?


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