Posted by: ad65shorty | April 24, 2009

Little Sprout House

(**I had a super busy week with out-of-town family currently visiting. I will add a picture next week when I do this with my kids!! Sorry!!)

If your children have never done this, you must do it!! This is the quickest and easiest way to show kids how a seed grows. I love it because it shows what happens under the soil that we normally can’t see. And after you’re done, you can plant it and teach your children how to take care of a plant!


bean seed (lima beans work really well)

Ziplock baggie

damp paper towel–folded into fourths




1.  Make sure your paper towel is damp, not wet! Unfold it carefully.

2.  Put your bean seed in between the folds of the paper towel and fold back up (you might want to do more than one, just in case).

3.  Place carefully into your baggie. Push the air out and seal it.

4.  Hang in your window with tape. (I like to make a little “house” out of paper for the seed to germinate in!)

5.  Through the next couple of days, monitor the wetness of the paper towel. If it gets too dry, dampen it again slightly with a few drops of water.

6.  Within a couple of days, your bean seed should start to sprout. Watch as the outer skin separates from the inside, and eventually, the seed will sprout. You can then place the seed in soil, if you’re interested.

Other notes:

It is important that you observe and discuss with your child what they see and what is happening. For an elementary school child, they could keep a journal and draw what they see each day. This really makes the knowledge stick!


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