Posted by: ad65shorty | April 20, 2009

Tissue Flowers

Because Earth Day is on Wednesday, I thought we would focus on plants this week. I am so excited about some of these activities!

Remember these?!


I forgot about them until a couple of years ago when I was a nanny. One of the little girls I took care of showed me how to make them (again!). It brought back some childhood memories. When I was thinking about a craft to share, this one came to mind again. I love that you can do it with materials you have on hand, but you can also extend it if you want with “fancier” paper.


toilet paper (the more you use, the fuller your flower will be)

rubber band



1.  Stack your pieces of TP on top of each other.

2.  Fold like a fan.


3.  Rubberband the center.


4.  Separate sheets carefully so you don’t rip them–tugging gently towards the center. You may have to help your children with this step.


5.  Decorate with markers.



Other thoughts:

1.  You can also do this with tissues or tissue paper (the bigger the paper, the bigger the flower).

2.  You could add a stem with pipe cleaners and put in a vase. Fun centerpiece!

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