Posted by: ad65shorty | April 16, 2009

Lifecycle of the Butterfly


our caterpillars

What better way to teach your children the lifecycle of the butterfly than to actually watch it! Purchase a live butterfly kit. Your caterpillars will arrive in a couple of days with everything you need. Watch them grow (and they grow HUGE and FAST), climb up the cage to make a chrysallis, and then turn into butterflies. When you’re done watching them, release them into nature!

releasing our butterflies

releasing our butterflies

If you look on-line, you can find many live butterfly kits available. I like this one and have ordered from them for years: Butterfly and Nature Gift Store. They also have other animals, such as frogs and ants, that you can order.


So, we’ve had our caterpillars for about a week now. They are now in the chrysallis stage. When they start this stage, they attach themselves to the top, hang upside-down, and make a “J” shape. Today my son noticed that one of those “J” shapes was really, really active. He said, “Mom! I think they’re turning into chrysallis’!! Hurry so you don’t miss it!” Sure enough. We WATCHED the caterpillar change into a chrysallis. Literally before our eyes, the caterpillar’s body changed from soft and fuzzy to hard. I didn’t realize that so much physical energy went into that formation itself. It was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen! It goes to show, that even after watching this for years, there are still many things to learn!


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