Posted by: ad65shorty | April 14, 2009

Pasta Butterfly Lifecycle

Teach your children the lifecycle of the butterfly using items in your kitchen!

1.  Rice or acini de pepe (can be found by the noodles) = eggs

2.  Corkscrew pasta = caterpillars

3.  Shell pasta = chrysallis

4.  Bow-tie pasta = butterflies

I like doing it in a circle so it shows the cycle. I also have the kids decorate the background of each section with crayons, such as a leaf for the eggs, a twig for the chrysallis, etc. Also, each section is numbered 1 through 4 (although my pictures are inaccurate).



My son did this version in preschool. He colored the noodles with markers. Also cute!





  1. I love this idea and will be linking 🙂

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