Posted by: ad65shorty | April 13, 2009

Coffee Filter Butterfly

This week will be devoted to butterflies! I love them (my little girl’s room is all butterflies), and they are such amazing creatures!

This is not a novel project, but it is so much fun for kids! I love it because it’s simple (so even the youngest of children can do it), there’s not much you can do wrong, and they turn out so beautiful!



coffee filters

washable markers

paper towels

spray bottle filled with water

pipe cleaners




1.  Draw on the coffee filter with the markers.



2.  Put coffee filter on top of a couple of layers of paper towels. Spray with water. The colors will bleed and look beautiful as they run together. Let dry.



3.  When dry, scrunch up and pinch in the middle (you can also fold these fan-like). Wrap with a pipe cleaner. You can bend the ends to look like attenaes or keep straight.




(fold pipe cleaner in 1/2 to wrap around)


(wrap around and secure)

Other options:

1.  I like to wrap string around them and hang them by a window.

2.  You could attach these to a clothespin. Simply pinch the middle with the clothespin instead.

3.  These make a great refrigerator magnet, too! Attach a magnet onto the back of the clothespin and hang on fridge.


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