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Resurrection Eggs

I have seen many versions of this story through the years. While looking through my files earlier this week, I came across this one, catered to younger children. It’s probably my favorite version. I believe someone in my last neighborhood put it together, but I don’t know who, so once again, I can’t give credit where it’s due.


(1)  Number 12 plastic Easter eggs (with a marker or stickers)

(2)  Put the following items in their respective eggs:

1.  a leaf–real or plastic (if it vaguely resembles a palm branch, all the better)

2.  a piece of cloth with a little perfume on it

3.  a piece of tortilla, pita or bread, or white clay shaped to look like flat bread

4.  a picture of Jesus with children or of a temple or a picture of your family

5.  three dimes

6.  a piece of purple cloth or paper

7.  a cross made out of wood, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, or paper

8.  a nail

9.  a piece of paper that says THE KING OF THE JEWS

10.  a little bundle (wrapped in fabric, a baggie, plastic wrap, etc) of spices–cloves would be nice

11.  a stone–rounded would be best

12.  leave empty

(3)  If you have a Gospel Art Picture Kit, get these pictures: 223, 225, 227, 228, 230, 232

Lesson and Activity:

You can hide the Easter eggs and have your children go on a hunt for them, and then have them take turns opening them in the right order.  Here are some explanations and corresponding scriptures for the items in each egg.  The explanations are four-year-old appropriate, scale up or down as necessary.

1:  When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people waved branches because that is what people used to do when a King walked by (Mark 11:8-9).

2:  Later, Jesus had a special dinner with his friends.  A woman came and poured perfume on his head.  This showed that she knew He was the Christ and would die soon (Mark 14:3).

3:  The next day, Jesus had another special meal with his friends.  We call this The Last Supper.  This is when the sacrament began because Jesus said that people who followed Him should have bread and wine or water to help them remember Him (Mark 14:22).

4:  Jesus went to a garden to pray.  Here, He suffered for our sins.  Because He did this for us, we can repent and live in heaven again (D&C 19:16-19).

5:  Judas was supposed to be one of Jesus’ special friends, but instead he helped other men arrest Jesus.  He did this because those men paid him money (Mark 14:10-11).

6:  After Jesus was arrested, the soldiers were really mean to Him and made fun of Him.  One thing they did was put a purple robe on Him.  Only Kings wore purple robes.  What they didn’t realize was that He really was a King (Mark 15:16-18).

7:  Jesus was crucified (Mark 15:25).

8:  When the soldiers put Jesus on the cross, they pounded nails in His hands and feet (D&C 6:37).

9:  Another thing the soldiers did to make fun of Jesus was to put a sign on the cross that said THE KING OF JEWS—thinking they were making fun of Him, when in fact, He was the King of Jews (Mark 15:26).

10:  After Jesus died, His friends put His body in a tomb.  Later, some of the women who followed Him came to the tomb to put spices on His body.  This is something they did back then when someone died (Mark 16:1).

11:  The tomb had a rock that rolled over the opening to seal it.  While the women were walking to the tomb, they wondered how they would get the stone out of the way (Mark 16:3-4).

12:  When they got to the tomb, they were amazed to find that the stone had been rolled out of the way!  Jesus’ body was gone (Mark 16:6)!  Then an angel came and told them, “He is risen; He is not here” (Mark 16:66).  This egg is empty because Jesus’ tomb was empty.  Jesus’ tomb was empty because He was resurrected!

*Be sure to bear your own personal testimony to end the lesson.

Special Easter Dinner:

It is kind of fun to have a simple dinner, like they would have had back then, before having your lesson.  An example would be serving flat bread, sliced cheeses, fresh fruit (grapes, apples, olives), grape juice, and maybe some cold meat slices (summer sausage).  You could even dress in simple robes and sit on a blanket on the floor.  Children always enjoy this! We did it for the first time this year, and the kids really enjoyed eating like Jesus would have! Definitely something we will do again!

Part of our Easter dinner. We also had pita bread and grape juice. This was so much fun!


  1. This is a really cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this idea. I think my daughter may be a little young (2 1/2) for it but I’d still like to try it.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Deon,

    I have a 2 1/2 year old, too!! Here are some things I’ll be doing with her that may work for you, too.

    1. I plan on hiding the eggs and having her help find them. The eggs will be placed (unopened) in a basket.

    2. I will then get the first egg and hand it to her to open.

    3. We’ll talk about what is inside and give a brief explanation.

    4. I’ll then repeat that activity with each egg in order. My little one doesn’t know her numbers yet so having her search for the right egg will end in failure. So, that’s why I will be giving her the right egg to open. (I also have another child so we alternate the opening)

    It may be a little above their heads, but I figure the exposure is the most important! That’s why we repeat things over and over with our children, right?! Eventually, they’ve got to get it!!

    Good luck! And let us know how it goes!

    • Great Tips!!! Thanks…I’ll try them and be sure to let you know how it goes.

      My daughter will be three in August.

  4. Thanks for the great Easter idea! Can’t wait to do it with my 3 year old! 🙂

  5. This is really neat! I have never done resurrection eggs before.

  6. This is the simplest homemade resurrection eggs idea I have seen yet! Thanks so much-I am getting ready to do it right now!

    • Laresa, Thank you!! I agree. It’s sooo simple for toddlers, but my “big” kids enjoy it, too. I am so glad you could use it! 🙂

  7. […] so I decided to go ahead and make some.  I found some instructions online at this wonderful site:  Guys, this was so easy to do and the Resurrection eggs have just been so wonderful.  You can make […]

  8. […] so I decided to go ahead and make some.  I found some instructions online at this wonderful site:  Guys, this was so easy to do and the Resurrection eggs have just been so wonderful.  You can make […]

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