Posted by: ad65shorty | April 8, 2009

Be an Easter Bunny

My 2-year-old hiding the eggs for her brother!

Get out your Easter supplies and let your kids be the Easter Bunny!! Supply a basket for each child, plastic Easter eggs, and pretend bunny ears (you can even make them out of construction paper and glue them on a head strip) and a puffy tail (a cotton ball). Choose one child to hide the eggs while the other children hide their eyes or wait in another room. When the eggs are all hidden, have the children find them! Then switch, and let another child be the Easter Bunny! This will keep them entertained all afternoon!


1.  This works best with a small group. In my preschool, I only let two kids do it at a time, but I’m sure you could do it with more.

2.  Only use a small number of eggs. I did one of each color for a total of 5 or 6. One always ended up getting misplaced, but it was easier to find when we knew what color we were looking for (plus, it reinforces colors!). This is also a great way to reinforce counting, as they have to figure out how many more eggs to find.

3.  Explain to the kids that the eggs need to be visible (easier for hunting), not so well-hidden that you could never find them! (the Easter Bunny is usually pretty good at leading the kids to the eggs anyway)

4.  Be sure to have limits on where the eggs can be hidden, such as ONE room in the house, or just in the backyard.

5.  If you can, remind the Easter Bunny not to tell where the eggs are hidden until the other children ask for help!! (easier said than done!)

I’d love to hear if you try this and how it went! Leave me a comment with your experience!


  1. Thanks Angie for this cute idea. I was going to do an easter egg hunt outside for preschool tomorrow but then it is suppose to be yucky weather. I was looking to see some other ideas I could do and this will be perfect! I am super excited, I know the kids will love it.

  2. Julie,

    Thanx! When I taught preschool, I would put this in my dramatic play center for the week. Lots of fun for the kids!

    Glad you are using the ideas. Let me know how it goes!

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