Posted by: ad65shorty | April 2, 2009

Music Time!

My kids get a subscription to National Geographic: Little Kids magazine from their great-grandma. It’s a great magazine, and I’m so glad they get something so fun and educational!!

This month they had a fun science experiment that my son wanted to try: making music with glasses. This is something we all have done and is so simple, but for a child, it’s so novel! While my son was experimenting for about 1/2 hour, I thought of all the fun skills he was learning.


1. Place some glasses (we used three) in a row on the table.

2. Fill each glass with a different amount of water.

3. Tap each glass gently with a spoon.


Expand the learning:

“Sounds are caused by vibrations, or tiny movements back and forth. When you tap a glass you make it vibrate. The water also vibrates. You can hear these vibrations. In the glass with the most water, the vibrations are the slowest. Slower vibrations make a lower tone. In the glass with the least water, the vibrations are the fastest. Faster vibrations make a higher tone.” (March/April 2009, page 21)

My son’s experiments included:

1. tapping the glass at the top, at the bottom, in the middle

2. tapping with the spoon upside-down versus right-side up

3. drinking some of the water

4. And of course, we discussed the different sounds he heard: Which one is highest? lowest? Can he sing them?


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